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24 PetWatch Reviews

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  • Insurance premiums

    In 2012 I got insurance through Purina Insurance at $44.90 a month for life! I had a plan that was not supposed to go up. Purina sold to 24 PetWatch and the fees started going up immediately. I have been paying the monthly fees for over 5 years and now I get my renewal notice in the mail and it states that 24 PetWatch has a new underwriter and that my original policy that was $44.90 is now $163.18!!!!! It more than doubled for what I have been paying all along. I called and they stated that was the accurate price. Almost $2,000 a year in fees. My dog has pre-existing condition and... More...
    cxgallagher's Picture   cxgallagher    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of 24 PetWatch

    Once you get hooked into this scam, it's impossible to cancel. Writing does not work. Calling puts you into a never ending queue with an automated voice telling you to give them you phone number and they will return your call. They don't call. The on-line chat does not work. I finally disputed the charges with my bank. Horrible experience and the Humane Society should stop hawking these scams. More...
    BirchBay's Picture   BirchBay    0 Comments   Comments
  • Claim Payout

    I've had my pet insured with PetCare for five years. I only ever put forth one claim when she was just over a year old. I recently had to submit two more claims and it was at this time I found out the company was no "24Petwatch". I was a little suprised as I never received any communication regarding the change. It's now been almost a month and I have still not yet heard if the claims i've submitted have been processed or will even be paid out. I know that my policy covers the incidents, however in reading the other complaints, and the long time frame since... More...
    Rubyloo's Picture   Rubyloo    1 Comments   Comments
  • Never been more disapointed

    I have never been more disappointed in an insurance company before. Long story short, this company has lied to me, has taken forever to process claims, and has treated me like I do not know anything. They also constantly blame the postal service for delays in receiving cheques. Which is funny, I have mailed, and had letters mailed to me, across the country in 2 days. I had 2 cats on coverage from this company for 10 years now. I had 1 claim 2 years into my coverage for my cat that was shot with a pellet gun. Claim totaled to approx 650.00. It was paid in full, no questions, within 2... More...
    CoryG's Picture   CoryG    0 Comments   Comments
  • 24 PetWatch - Pet insurance claim experience

    "Timothy has been my companion for almost 12 years, he has run hundreds of miles with me, protected me and comforted me throughout the years. Last year he started to develop a fatty cyst on his elbow and when it grew to the point that it was starting to impact his quality of life I decided to have it removed. I got a quote from the vet and booked the date for what should have been a relatively simple procedure. Sadly when the vet opened up his elbow she found another mass attached to the fatty cyst which took a lot of time and skill to remove. We are still waiting to see what... More...
    TimothyBlue's Picture   TimothyBlue    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible company!

    I adopted a dog from a rescue group several months ago that already had one of their microchips implanted. Getting her chip switched over into my name was an absolute nightmare! It took 3 weeks for them to finally do it. They told me she would be added to my existing file with my pets I already had registered with them. I kept looking and she never showed up.... I called and asked why she continued to not be on there. I was informed I had to pay a maintenance fee of 19.95/year per pet or 59.95 per pet for lifetime registration of the pets I already had with them before the files could be... More...
    sblackmon72's Picture   sblackmon72    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude and Condescending Customer Service

    We are moving and tried to update our dog's address on the website. They demanded that I pay a $49.95/life or $18.95/year inorder to access the account to put in our new address. I reimbursed the rescue agency this fee when we adopted him. When I finally got a customer service agent, she was unbelievably rude and condescending. Her attitude was basically that I should be willing to pay this fee to keep my pet safe! I don't want any insurance. I don't want help distributing flyers if he goes missing, I only want for them to give a shelter or vet an accurate address if they... More...
    cynkuen's Picture   cynkuen    0 Comments   Comments
  • 24 PetWatch Ins should be avoided

    Horrible. Had one cat die of cancer and another which had a week in the hospital along with 4 weeks of tube feeds with a combined total of $5,000 in expenses and they wrote one check for $100. Yup, $100 to cover the cremation of the cat that died. Gee thanks. Their customer service was rude and I left a message for a supervisor. Guess what? No return call. On Monday will be cancelling. I would have been better off opening a banking account and dumping the monthly fees into that. I would have had at least close to $2,000. What an utter rip off. More...
    mk42wk82's Picture   mk42wk82    0 Comments   Comments
  • The WORST !!!!

    In our opinion,and based upon our very upsetting experience,this is the WORST pet ins. co. for resolving claims and actually reimbursing you for services. Read the fine print,and take careful note of their LIMITATIONS of coverage for ex. 3,000.00 only for cancer. Once your dog has a tumor,everything you do thereafter,even in exploring to see whether there are complications from the tumor,or even other diseases ,will be lumped together with the tumor. It takes only one day of exams at a major vet center nowadays to amass close to 3,000.00 in costs !! Go...as we have ,with our younger dogs... More...
    jimmy66's Picture   jimmy66    0 Comments   Comments
  • Microchip Problems from beginning

    After having there microchips implanted in my cat for 4 years 24Petwatch stated that if I wanted them to keep my cats information in their database I would have to start paying a $17.95 annual fee for each cat. Also information on one of my pets they had incorrect for the first two years that I had her. I found out when I called to update information that she was registered to someone else and they had all the infor screwed up. Had she gotten out and lost she would have been put to sleep possibly. HORRIBLE company to deal with, rude customer service specialists, never get there microchips.... More...
    jen032's Picture   jen032    2 Comments   Comments
  • 24 PetWatch rude customer service. Will not refund $ after cancellation.

    We adopted a dog from Paws and were given 30 days free insurance from 24 PetWatch. We activated this and gave our debit card # for days 46-60 of insurance. First 45 days would now be free. Additionally, 24 hour protection for lost pet cost.The total withdrawn from our account was $31.44. Our new vet warned us, the next day, that 24 PetWatch never pays on a policy. Our vet warned us that 24 PetWatch always found a way to avoid paying on a policy. We immediately cancelled our services through 24 PetWatch. We cancelled before the close of the next business day! 24 PetWatch told us that refunds... More...
    Fam44stacey's Picture   Fam44stacey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pet insurance that WILL NOT PAY!!!!!

    So I have been insured with this company now for over 5 yrs and I have paid on time and Roscoe my dog has only suffered from allergies which was considered a "pre-exsisting" condition which fine, I get it...now my dog gets these tumors all over and needs surgery to pretty much save his life and now that I send the claim in, they say its a pre existing again!!! WTF is that! Really....I am so frustrated I am calling tomorrow and cancelling the whole policy...they are full of it and have no problem taking your money but when its their turn to pay they coincidentally can't. Go... More...
    dorma143's Picture   dorma143    0 Comments   Comments
  • 24 Petwatch Microchip ! no way to follow-up

    Had my dog at vet for annuals ... scanned for chip to get into their system (knew she had one) - have the paperwork from 24 Hour Pet Watch! 1st scanner came up with nothing!! 2nd scanner came up with a number. Only a number. What good is a number if it doesn't lead to anywhere???? I immediately had her re-chipped with a 'HomeAgain' chip -- done for life. No annual or surprise fees ... frustrating -- now we have two numbers chipped (if they ever find the 1st one)!! More...
    kennelkat's Picture   kennelkat    6 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible!!

    Normal phone wait for me has been 25 minutes or longer! I usually put the phone on speaker mode so I don't have to waste time!! Today the wait was 30 minutes. The rep said they are hiring new people(?) Ha! And, the best time to call is AFTER 7 PM!!! What about the rest of the day?? Calling the BBB now! It's bad enough my dog is sick - I don't have time for this nonsense..... More...
    Nasa's Picture   Nasa    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Experience

    I adopted a kitten from local APL and they offered 30 day free trial with 24 Hour PetWatch insurance. After 30 days I renewed the policy since it was inexpensive $17/month. After having this cat over a year with no apparent health problem, in November 2011 I cancelled the policy. Spoke with a representative, got the cancellation number, etc. 3 month later, I see 24 Hour PetWatch deducted $51 from my bank account where I previously had the policy set up. After 3 phone calls I finally spoke with supervisor who informed me that a rep. I spoke in November FORGOT to process my cancellation... More...
    Lotus1111111's Picture   Lotus1111111    0 Comments   Comments

    This company is horrible. I have called them asking them to mail my dogs ID tag 4 times since Aril (it is now September). The service only lasts for a year and I have not even received my ID tag yet. I have given them three different addresses to mail it to and they still claim they have mailed it every time! When I just called asking them (very nicely) to renew my service because I haven't even gotten the tag yet they hung up on me!! Now I am waiting another 20 minutes on hold for someone to answer!! If I hadn't already paid I would look into another company! More...
    ks47's Picture   ks47    0 Comments   Comments
  • They will not pay claim!

    I have been insuring my act through them since she was 3 months old , no claims. At 6 years old, she came down with urinary infection and ultimately died from kidney failure. 24PetWatch denied all my claims saying that it's not a covered disease. Cat had multiple positive urinary cultures with 6 months of antibiotic treatment. Policy clearly stated they cover Feline Lower urinary tract disease,and Infectious disease. They argue that bacterial infection is NOT an infectious disease. But they said parasitic diseases are covered. Which is opposite of what their policy said. More...
    ckgan's Picture   ckgan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lack of Customer Support

    I have two cats which have been micro-chipped with 24 Pet Watch microchips. When I went to register the second cat on line at the 24 Pet Watch web site it said the ID number had already been used. I submitted a trouble ticket and got a answer back saying “Your pets are both registered with us under your information however they are under separate accounts. I have escalated your email to have your accounts merged so that you are able to view both pets within your online profile. You will receive an email from us with your login credentials when this has been completed. Please call us... More...
    datadavid's Picture   datadavid    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    After having there microchips implanted in my dogs for years I received a from 24Petwatch today stating that if I wanted them to keep my dogs information in thier database I would have to start paying a $14.95 annual fee for each dog. Also information on one of my pets has been lost. As a kennel owner I have recommended these microchips to many customers. I gress my good reputation is gone. More...
    dtyelton's Picture   dtyelton    0 Comments   Comments
  • save your money

    I paid about $60.00 a month for dog insurance and when I finally submit a claim after 5 years I get a check for $83.00. The claim was about $1200.00 I am canceling tomorrow. Save your money in a change jar, if something happens you have the money, if nothing happens, you have the money. Greg Petersen More...
    gp4free's Picture   gp4free    0 Comments   Comments
  • Renewal? Ha!

    I adopted a puppy who had a 24-hour PW microchip implanted at the breeder's veterinary office. I registered the dog's chip upon adoption, paid the fee, put the tag on her collar, and thought no more about it. UNTIL....I had to change my phone number. I called 24-hr PetWatch to give them the updated telephone number so that if my dog were to be lost, and someone were to find her and call 24HrPW, they would actually be able to reach me. Imagine my surprise when I was told that they charge $14.99 to make a telephone number change "for this year", or I could pay $39.99... More...
    LeeAnn's Picture   LeeAnn    1 Comments   Comments
  • Expensive

    They tell you oh, yeah, the things you specifically ask about are covered under their most expensive plan. Except when you FINALLY get the policy, several weeks later, you discover in the very, very fine print that the coverage doesn't start for 30 days after they first charged your bank account and the one thing you got the coverage for and was very specific about is not even covered until SIX MONTHS after the policy starts! The only reason I got the Optimum QuickCare coverage was, as I told the sales liar several times, I had three female fosters I needed to have spayed in the next... More...
    FRAUDEXPOSER's Picture   FRAUDEXPOSER    1 Comments   Comments
  • Awful service, no rembursement

    Our dog started becoming very sick with a skin infection, and we started submitting claims. Our claims were continually rejected by what WAS "Petcare" (changed name to "24PetWatch" -for about 6 months they told us this was a prior condition, which it was NOT, as we had our dog insured since she was a puppy and she had only had one little ear infection at one point, totally unrelated. AS the bills mounted and our dog was miserable , petwatch refused to reimburse us. It was awful and extremely traumatizing for my husband and I. After about 7 months, they finally... More...
    sarah123's Picture   sarah123    2 Comments   Comments

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24 PetWatch Comments

tasha7115 says: (10 years ago)
I am so unhappy and furious with this company. When I called and talked about which plan would be the most beneficial for my dog, I decided on the wellness plan, because after 6 months he said I would be reimbursed 150.00 for the teeth cleaning so I thought that might be worth trying it out. I had to cancel after about 8 months because I didn't have any money. I submitted a claim for the cleaning and for an illness that was diagnosed. the clainm was for 300.00 approx. they said they hadn't recieved the past medical records that I sent. Then they had an automated message that said a check was on the way. so I thought they had found the forms,I recieved the check and it was for 40.00 I resent the forms then I called them. They said the cleaning only covered the scaling and polish which apparently was 40.00 this is for a 500.00 cleaning, apparently you have to have about 4 or 5 different things done to your dog including an initial exam to qualify for the 150.00 refund. so you have to shell aut alot of money to get back a little amount. I believed the man on the phone who told me I would be reimbursed for the full 150.00 Apparently they hope you dont read the fine print because it says something different. Also I had him tested for some aggression he was having but he had never been diagnosed. It was not a pre-existing comdition. But because I find out months after my claim that they cannot cover it because he had symptoms that could, might indicate a problem, which they were not clear on. If they can they will find every loop hole to avoid paying. They tell you on the phone when you sign up that the more expensive is the best, then they tell you half truths that seem to be fair to you about coverage. It took 90 days to finaly get my check. By this time no other claim could have been made if things were done during that time of coverage because it only extends the window 90 days to do a reclaim. however if they take that long dilly dalling you are out of luck. Please read the fine print! Don't go by what they say and if i was you I would set aside 30 or $40 each month as insurance for your pet,you will spend alot more for extra insurance than what they will pay out!

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